Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We recently visited the Allen Skate Park...Enjoy our pictures of the pups at the park and obedience class.
Pete watching the skate boarding


Vickie and PJ


Sit, Stay and watch Carey walk by

Christine and Tommy



HI!  My name is PETE!



BMX bikers

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Hall of State Outing

On Saturday, April 14, 2012, our NTX puppy group had an outing to the Hall of State at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas.  It was a warm, blustery, cloudy day, so it was a great day to be inside.  While inside we experienced slick marble floors, a wooden stage, ramps, a carpeted auditorium, sets of stairs (3 steps and 20 steps), open hand rails on stairs, large open rooms that echo, statues, elevators and lifts that a person in a wheelchair would use.   I think that the pups enjoyed laying on the cool marble floors the best.  Please enjoy the pictures from our morning at The Hall of State.  A big thanks to the Hall of State (Billy B. and Tom H.) for having us visit.  Thanks to Leslie C. for running our lift!  Until next time, we wish you well and we will post again soon!  Be on the lookout for updates from Puppy Kindergarden! 
Dewey is relaxing before our outing to The Hall of State.
The Hall of State.

Reflecting pool and fountains in front of The Hall of State.
Puppy Pete going down stairs.
Puppy Tommy, Kirby and Christine practicing small stairs.
Nick and Occhi on the lift.
Leslie and Dewey on the lift.
Sheryl and Ringo on the lift.
Dev and Cayenne on the lift.
Carol and Lady Dot on the lift.
Kelly and PJ on the lift.
Jerry and Andie on the lift.
Lynn and Lucky on the lift.
Kirby and Tommy on the lift.
The North Texas Puppy Group...from a distance.
The North Texas Puppy Group...a little closer up.
Puppies Ringo, Dewey and Pete go out to "take a break" and get busy!
Puppy Pete is out of coat and ready to leave.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

We are off and running

Oh how time flys when our pups are so young and growing!  It's hard to believe that most of us, with the exception of Lady Dot and Andie, have been home from Florida for just over a month.  All of the pups are getting bigger, stronger, and smarter each day.  Here is what our pups will have been exposed to over the next year that they spend with us:

*  Airport                                 *  Dog food aisel              *  Movie theater            *  Toddlers
*  Auto Parts Store                  *  Drive thru car wash      *  Musical                      *  Trains
*  Babies                                  *  Drug Store                    *  Nursing home            *  Train ride
*  Balloons                               *  Elderly people              *  Objects falling           * Semi Trucks
*  Basketball/Tennis Court      *  Elevators                      *  Office equipment       * Umbrella
*  Bath - Shower/Hose             *  Fishing pier                 *  Parking garage           *  Vacuum
*  Bath -  Tub                           *  Flag flapping               *  People in costume      *  Walkers
*  Beach                                   *  Flashing lights             *  People in uniform      *  Walk on scale
*  Bikes                                    *  Flea market                  *  People wearing hats  *  Wheelchair
*  Bird (in cage)                       *  Florist                          *  Sunglasses on people *  Wind chimes
*  Boat Dock                            *  Food court in mall       *  Yelling/clapping        *  Bridge walking
*  Broom/mop                          *  Fountain                      *  Pet store                     *  Metal grates
*  Brusing teeth                        *  Garbage trucks            *  Pine cones                 *  Windshield wiper
*  Bus ride                                *  Hair salon                    *  Playgrounds              *  Wooden walkway
*  Camera                                 *  Heavy city traffic        *  Public restrooms
*  Car alarm                              *  Horses                         *  Rabbits
*  Car horn                                *  Hotel                           *  Skateboards
*  Cats (inside)                          *  Ice skating rink           *  Seafood market
*  Cats (outside)                        *  Large trash cans          *  Shopping carts
*  Ceiling fans                           *  Laundry basket           *  Sprinklers
*  Children                                *  Lawn equipment         *  Sirens
*  Children's noisy toys            *  Life size dummy         *   Sporting goods
*  Cleaning ears                        *  Lightening                   *  Squirrels
*  Coin operated kid ride          *  Low-flying plane        *  Stairs (open/closed)
*  Construction equipment        *  Mall                            *  Statues
*  Cows                                     *  Massage of paws        *  Strollers
*  Crates                                    *  Meat department        *  Stuffed animals
*  Crowds (mall, parade)          *  Mirrors                        * Swimming pool
*  Crying children                     *  Motorcycle                 *  Thunder

It looks like we all have our work cut out for us!  Wish us luck!!!


Saturday, April 7, 2012

What  a great sign!  While driving in the Tampa area in Florida, this sign was seen.  I think this is why we puppy raisers raise our bring hope.  Welcome to the North Texas Puppy Raiser Blog!